Summer Goals

3 weeks into summer of 2013, and I have yet to make a definitive list of goals to accomplish this summer. Let me explain. Every year, I always make a list of things I want to accomplish. Unfortunately, I never end up accomplishing everything I want to do on my list. But this year will be different because now I have a blog to keep me on track! ha.ha who am I kidding.  Nevertheless, here are my goals for this summer. 

1. Read 20 books. (COMPLETED) As a self proclaimed avid reader, I’d like to think this is a realistic goal considering I’m trying to read 50 books before the year ends (Even though I’m 11 books behind schedule oops). I will also be trying to right a review for every book I read. *fingers crossed* TOTAL: 24/20

2. Attempt and complete a Read-A-Thon Challenge (COMPLETED). I’m most looking forward to this goal! I’ve been looking up past Read-A-Thons and it looks like a lot of fun. This will entail daily posts of my progress or lack thereof.

3. Finish all of my summer assignments before August 1. (COMPLETED)As a rising senior, I will be swamped with college apps in August so this goal is a must. For anyone who’s interested, I have to do summer assignments for the following classes: APES, AP Stat, AP Comparative, AP Lit, and BC Calc. 

4. Write a post every time my parents go out to swim. (COMPLETED) This may sound strange, but let me explain. My computer crashed back in May so I can only go on the internet when my dad is away. Hmm maybe it’s not as strange as I thought.

5. Read and annotate the bible. (UNFINISHED) I’m catholic and I’ve yet to read the bible from cover to cover. Crazy right? I’ve been struggling with my religion lately, so I thought I’d read what I’m actually supposed to be believing in before I made a final decision on whether to stay or leave.

Well that’s it. Five goals shouldn’t be too difficult… right?

Update 9/27/13

I completed 4/5 of my goals this summer, which is more than I expected.  I didn’t get to read and annotate the bible, but maybe I’ll get to it next summer. All in all summer of 2013 was very good to me. It involved a lot of studying for the SAT. but enjoyable nonetheless. It’s kind of unbelievable that around this time next year I’ll maybe be in college. *fingers crossed* Also, I’m taking my last SAT next week and I’m super nervous… I’m aiming for a 1900-2000 and a 1350 on just the CR and M section. Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Summer Goals

  1. Thomas says:

    Sounds like a productive summer Laura! Keeping yourself occupied is always a good sign. You can work on your summer assignments (well, some of them) when your parents are home and you don’t have computer access, then read and write and blog when they’re gone. (:

  2. Shawn says:

    Awesome goals! So glad I don’t have any summer assignments since I’m heading to college this fall. 😛 Congrats on the read-a-thon! I nominated you for the summer blog award. 🙂

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