A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

“Your mind will believe comforting lies while also knowing the painful truths that make those lies necessary. And your mind will punish you for believing both.”

A Monster Calls

Rating: 5 stars

At seven minutes passed midnight, a monster awakens Conor from his slumber. But this isn’t the same monster that has been haunting Conor’s dreams for the past couple of years. It’s ancient and wise. A monster that wants the truth from Conor.

A Monster Calls is a beautiful book. Patrick Ness’s writing style has a certain finesse that demands your attention. It catches you off guard, wanting more. It gets the message across in a concise manner and is done with such skill and expertise. 

The main character, Conor, captured my heart. His inability to voice his inner demons helped me sympathize with what he was going through, allowing me to never feel like Conor was being whiny or selfish. And I liked that despite of his mom’s critical condition with Cancer, he was still able to make cheeky comments to adults and the monster. He was his own person with specific faults and endearing quirks.

I also really enjoyed the monster. Everything about the monster’s demeanor is surreal and fantastical. He’s not a bad guy, but he’s not necessarily the hero either. He shares three tales to Conor that enlighten him to human behavior and life. I liked that the stories were unpredictable and that they all connected to one another in the end. 

A Monster Calls is a magnificent book and I can not praise it enough for conveying such a strong message so eloquently. I would recommend this book to everyone.


7 thoughts on “A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

  1. Lottie Eve says:

    I’m reading this right now and I have to say that I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m almost done with the book and can only think about how much of a beauty it is.
    Great review, Laura!

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