Common App: Is This What They Call a Life Turning Point?

August 1, 2013, the common app for 2013-2014 applicants was released. It was late at night and I was isolated in my room when it finally opened to the public. I want to say it was everything I had ever dreamed of: a beacon of light, an answer to my college anxiety, a list of college offers, but no. It looked like any other professional website: sleek, organized, and cold. And after getting over my initial disappointment, I realized just how much time I would be spending on this website and not just because it keeps crashing every five seconds. 

For anyone who’s interested, I’m only applying to three colleges, which I’ll reveal at a later date. Call me crazy, but I don’t feel the need to apply to more colleges “just for the heck of it”. But if you’re doing that, more power to you. I’m perpetually afraid of failure, so that could be another reason why I’m only applying to three colleges.

Nevertheless, the idea of applying to colleges excites me. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity ever since my sister got her first acceptance letter, in the mail, 9 years ago. That was before the common app era, but I digress. Class of 2014, this is our year.

Fun Fact: This post is less than 250 words. I’m ready for you, college essays.


7 thoughts on “Common App: Is This What They Call a Life Turning Point?

  1. Thomas says:

    Ha ha you’ll nail this Laura! Can’t wait to see how your college application journey progresses – for some it wasn’t a big deal, but mine opened my eyes to a lot of things. (:

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