Homecoming without a date

I’d be the first one to admit that being asked to a dance would be lovely. Of course I wouldn’t know because I’ve never been asked to one, but I imagine it to be flattering in the least. Nonetheless, is it better to be asked and to go to Homecoming with a guy a girl doesn’t like than for her to go to Homecoming alone? Is it that shameful for a girl to go to Homecoming alone when a couple of her friends have dates or worse ask a guy she actually likes to go with her to Homecoming ? *insert gasps of blasphemy* Honestly, I think it would be really cute if a girl asked a guy to Homecoming/prom in an extravagant way like a guy usually would with a giant sign and chocolates instead of flowers, but that’s another topic for another day, possibly closer to prom. 

I’m curious because a lot of people at my school have been pairing off for Homecoming as if it were Noah’s arc. Some couples make sense, but others seem random or just created for the sake of having a date for Homecoming. It’s come to the point where some girls are now uncomfortable with going with their date. Ah, but who care’s about comfort as long as a girl has a guy to pose with in pictures to show she’s a wanted woman?

Today, one of my friends even told me she doesn’t want to go to Homecoming because she doesn’t have a date. She thinks she’ll be left out at the dance, which implies she doesn’t trust her friends with dates to include her in Homecoming rituals.  I find this unnerving. And although I did feel excluded when she had a date to Homecoming last year, I don’t believe my friends who have dates this year will exclude me. And even if they do, just like last year, I won’t let them stop me from having a good time because I determine whether or not I’ll have a good time, no one else.

It’s the 21st century ladies. And it’s time we start acting like it.


I’d like to say I’ve been super studious in doing my college apps and stuff, but I haven’t. I recently went apple picking with my girl scout troop.