Fangirl Friday: 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi

cropped-final1.jpgI love love LOVE the Olympics. Whether it’s the summer or winter Olympics, I will wake up at 4 am just to see my favorite athlete compete live. It’s invigorating to watch these athletes who have dedicated most of their lives towards a single moment in the spotlight. I feel obligated to support all of them and not just the few who win medals.

Ice skating and short track are my two favorite sports to watch. I saw the men’s free skate today at 10 am and just wow. A lot of skaters were falling down and just messing up all over the place. I understand the they’re performing at a high level of difficulty, but it’s the Olympics. Carpe diem. My two favorite skaters did not medal, but they performed beautifully. 

1. Jeremy Abbott


Image via

After watching his rough short program yesterday, I expected him to fight during his free skate. And he did just that. Abbott landed all of his jumps and fought for every single point he could achieve. I highly recommend you watch his free skate if you haven’t already.

2. Kevin Reynolds


Image via

Skating for Canada, Kevin Reynolds has an awesome skating style. It’s hard hitting and makes a statement. For example, in his short program, he skated to AC/DC! Who does that at the Olympics? I love it. He doesn’t always land his jumps, but his personality is just so fun to watch. Click here to watch Kevin Reynolds skate to AC/DC.

Moving on to short track, I present my Olympic crush.

1. JR Celski


Image via

It’s a slightly revealing picture, I know, but his tattoo is really cool so… no regrets. Celski has been my Olympic crush since the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Just look at him *___*. He came in 4th in this year’s 2014 winter Olympics in the men’s 1500m. Even though he totally should’ve gotten 3rd because the Russian guy pushed him, it’s fine.

That’s what makes short track so exciting. It could be anyone’s game. If someone falls, which has been happening a  lot *cough* I looking at you team Korea, teams like Kazakhstan could make a move and advance into the men’s 5000m relay finals, which is CRAZY! Nevertheless, I will definitely be rooting for him in the men’s 1000m from 5:43 am to 7:20 am tomorrow morning, along with his other events (men’s 500m and men’s 5000m relay).

Do you also watch the Olympics live at obscene hours? If yes, what sports do you watch? And who is your Olympic crush?


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