Fangirl Friday: Awesome Authors on Twitter

cropped-final1.jpgIt makes me happy to know that the authors I love are also really cool people online. For example, I follow a couple of my favorite authors on twitter and they’re so funny!


Love love loveeee Patrick Ness *__*


Like what? It makes me wonder where Amy Tintera lives…

It also makes me really happy when authors reply/like my tweets to them. I get all excited and then end up showing everyone the tweets, which may seem lame but oh well.


Seriously, I can not wait! Is it May 13th yet?


Lastly, the most recent reply I received came from AG Howard, author of Splintered. It’s only been a couple of days since I’ve finished Splintered and oh my gosh this book needs more hype! It’s super original and has really nice world building.

Does anyone else tweet authors? If yes, who do you tweet and do they reply back?


One thought on “Fangirl Friday: Awesome Authors on Twitter

  1. Thomas says:

    Ah, authors who reply to tweets really are the best! I remember the first time it happened to me I had a fanboy freakout. It’s wise of them to interact with their readers on such a public platform – they show their consideration and attentiveness. (:

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