January 2017 Wrap Up

A lot happened in January. I went to The World Missions Summit and got stuck in ATL for 2 extra days almost missing my trip to Puerto Rico with my family the next day. God revealed more of His heart towards missions to me and how to build His kingdom at UVA.

Core group growth: They coordinated going to Rev Soup, Broomball, Chap’s icecream together and the idea of community is starting to click for all of them. One girl even started a google spreadsheet for snack sign ups for core group! And multiple girls are inviting girls to mnl for the first time.

New MNL series: It’s on love, sex and dating and to be honest I was having mixed feelings towards it. I knew it would be an entertaining series and would allow more non-believers to come and that’s always super exciting. But I knew it would be a convicting series for myself. I’ll come back to this in Feb when the series is completed.

Rotunda Dinner: The nursing school held a catered dinner in the rotunda for a couple of nursing students and it was just nice to get all dressed up and go to a fancy event feeling pretty. There was also an air of comfort knowing that the room would be filled with mostly women. Although it did make me realize how little I knew my class. I have spent so much time investing in Chi Alpha that I had failed to reach out to my nursing class. And that is something I want to change this semester.

Vintage lunch: Every Friday at 1pm Theological Horizon’s hosts lunch and a theological talk. It’s been my recent obsession/place of rest because people from different fellowships will come and there’s no pressure to introduce myself and do small talk. I can be still.

Give a year meeting: After the WMS, chi alpha hosted their second give-a-year meeting for the school year. They opened it up to all years and it was awesome to see one of the girls from my core group come and see everyone praying for each other’s future plans when it came to international missions.

Thailand update: I got the OK for the dates I had planned from the missionary I will be working with and turned in my application to the organization. Praying for patience and God’s provision during this time of waiting for the next step to take! 

Doing fun things for myself: This month I made it a goal to go to the events that I’ve always wanted to go to even if I had no one else to go with. I visited a Mcintire art exhibit where people over the age of 60 were the only attendants. It was catered by hotcakes and the art was beautiful, which made my heart sing in joy along with my tummy. Also, went bouldering with my new climbing shoes and felt super badass not having to rent out shoes.


All in all. It’s been a good month. January, you were good to me. Thank you, Lord!

Also, my latest music obsession is Sam Kim. WOWOWOWOW ❤

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The World Missions Summit (extended version)

Jan 4th-9th 

Isaiah 40

A conference in Houston, Texas where 6,000 students and hundreds of missionaries from all over the world came together for a conference that only happens once every fours years to celebrate God’s will for our lives, worship Him, and catch the vision for missions. There were 5 gatherings, 4 meals with the missionaries, an exhibit hall where missionaries were set up based on location and talked to students casually, experience sessions where missionaries would formally talk about their area, and breakout sessions which focused on specifics (support raising, church planting, etc.).

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Pre-World Missions Summit


On January 4th, I will be catching a flight out of Dulles airport to Houston, Texas to go to the World Mission Summit, a XA conference that happens only once every four years. Missionaries from all over the world come to share their experiences on the mission field to college students across the nation. Needless to say, I am incredibly excited for it. I will be expectantly praying for a few things.

  1. That my heart would be in a posture of worship and that I would be fully present in His presence.
  2.  That the Lord would bring me peace towards finalizing missionary summer plans.
  3. Discernment and divine appointments when it comes to speaking truth to brothers and sisters.
  4. That the Lord would convict me and break my heart for what breaks His.
  5. Safe travels for everyone traveling.

I will write another post afterwards on how God answers these five prayers and my overall experience.

Psalm 145

566 Days

That’s how long it’s been since my last post on this blog and a lot has changed. I started this blog the summer before my senior year of high school and I am currently in my 3rd year of college.

Looking back at all of my old posts, I found myself once again cringing at who I was before coming to Christ the summer before my first year of college. I was putting my identity in things that wouldn’t satisfy me (my parents approval, college acceptances, friendships,  academics, etc). And getting irrationally angry over things I couldn’t change along with feeling powerless. I wanted to delete all of my past shortcomings from my memory. Pretend it never happened. Truth is, I debated on whether or not to create a new blog entirely just to hide my past self (and terrible writing) from my college friends who only know me after coming to Christ when I was once again reminded of something so important and so humbling: God loved me before I knew Him.   Continue Reading ->