Puerto Rico (Jan 10-15)

For the last 5 days of my winter break, I was in beautiful, sunny, and most importantly WARM Puerto Rico with my family. It was such a magical experience and I am so thankful to have gotten to experience the Caribbean for the first time. Here are some pics to summarize my trip. 


View from above of the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.


Wandering in El Yunque the only national park rainforest.


Peering through cueva ventana and thinking how could anyone look at this and think there is no God.


Visited a local sugar plantation, which was a huge eye opening experience.


Old San Juan had the most colorful houses. So cute!


First time seeing water this blue/green. Truly beautiful!


Funny moment when my mom believed me when I said the retreat line referred to a place for tourists to sit and rest.

On that note, if any of you guys are thinking about traveling here anytime soon you should know three things before going.

  1. The people who drive in Puerto Rico are crazy and the roads are much much narrower.
  2. The weather changes every 5 minutes and at anytime it could rain at the drop of a hat, so always bring a raincoat or umbrella!
  3. Try out the local fast food! It’s super yummy.

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