Rev Soup, Broomball, Chap’s icecream

Last Friday, my fellowship hosted broom ball at our local ice rink for the first and second years. As a first year core group leader, I also attended.

It was a huge success! 

My girls organized going to dinner at rev soup downtown beforehand and took the trolley all by themselves! My co-leader Katherine and I met up with them at a later time for dinner and just caught up with how everyone’s winter breaks were and what they thought of their first week of school. Man, did I miss these girls and what a wonderful surprise it was to see them so excited to catch up with one another and be comfortable making savage jokes/comments towards each other.


Broom ball was also a lot more fun than I expected it to be. There were at least 50 people on the ice at one time, but it worked because we used multiple balls at once so it split up the rink into 3 mini games all moving towards one goal. It was a great time of friendly competitive team building with my core group and I loved cheering on my friends when we switched out to watch.


After playing 2 games, we left early to grab icecream at a local shop called Chap’s. Katherine and I got black raspberry ice-cream and we sat in a different booth from our girls who squeezed all six of them in one booth. As we sat there eating our ice-cream, we couldn’t help but beam over how wonderful our girls were and how different they were interacting with one another. The flow of conversation felt more natural and they were facilitating their own conversations and made sure everyone felt included.


The Lord truly worked in their hearts over break and cast a vision of the importance of community and most importantly that they have one in chi alpha! Throughout the night, girls would comment on how excited they were for core group, mnl, and just hanging out more this semester.

I pray that they would continue to be spurred on by each other to pursue a stronger relationship with the Lord and that the Lord would equip them to make disciples in the years to come.


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