The Perfect Weekend


Vintage lunch: yummy quiche and salad, talked about Spiritual friendships, truly a place of great rest

Give a year meeting: 3rd one of the school year, talked about dying to our expectations and selves when it comes to missions

Black rock summit hike: rock scramble at the top, first outdoors club adventure, two cars one got lost, 0.5 mile hike, beautiful sunset, laughing at sam for wearing shorts and a tshirt in 50 degree weather with wind, building character, lost keys for a hot second but ended up being in the trunk, sam was nice and dropped me off downtown real mvp.

Hockey game: first and possibly last because someone bought the rink, sad because it was really fun to watch, I got really into it (no surprise there), we won 7-1 go hoos, hayley/jenny/sam all came to watch, fun mini house outing

Worship night at 120: harley’s cg organized it and we stopped by for an hour before leaving, ate a chocolate chip cookie, nothing quite like ending the night worshiping Jesus ❤


Hidden Rocks (climbing): Got off the waitlist for this adventure when I was at the hockey game, met at echols at 8am to drive with two other guys to Hidden Rocks out near Harrisonburg, beautiful drive and weather, saw people using a buggy, got lost a couple of times, talked about how climbing is the best, walked 20 min to get to the rock formation and my oh my was it beautiful, it had been so long since I had climbed outside and my soul was singing the entire time, Tristan anchored all of the 4 climbs and was so patient with us even though he forgot his climbing shoes (sad face), never have i met such a mature first year in my life, completed 2/4 climbs and headed back to cville.

Lied out on my yoga mat on my front porch when I got back home because the weather was just too nice to stay inside, the outdoors has honestly been the cure to my sickness. I’ve never healed faster in my life.


Church: talked about realtionships… classic

Hotcakes with Emily: got our free tea and caught up on life

IX Park and popsicles: lying out on blankets in the sun with good company is the best

NICU: shadowed a nicu nurse for 4 hours and LOVED it.

If every weekend was like this, I would die happy. I came to the realization that I need to move to a place with warmer weather and a great outdoors life. Thank you God for such a blessed weekend!


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