February 2017 Wrap Up

Man February really flew by! I kickstarted the month by going to a UVA vs VT basketball game with one of my housemate. It was so much fun and itwas her first basketball game. We won. Go hoos. I also went to my first Newcomb theatre movie, which is on the blank number of things to do before you graduate. I thought might as well start on that list now. I saw Dr.Strange and it was SO good. Wow. Benedict Cumberbatch is simply the best.

Winter retreat: My Christian fellowship had its annual winter retreat up in NOVA. It was a great time for my core group to bond and get an idea of what it looks like to be a Christian in the workplace or in their case at UVA. They really caught the vision of evangelism and I’m super excited to see where God will take them next. During our free time, they went to DC while I opted to go home since I was feeling oddly home sick. At this time, my parents were still holding my passport hostage because of Thailand. Nevertheless, when I drove back to cville with my mom after retreat she revealed she had brought my passport with her! She gave it back to me and gave me her blessing to go to Thailand in the summer for mission work. PRAISE THE LORD FOR HE IS GOOD!

Best weekend ever: read more about it here!

Climbing: I’m getting stronger and I’m now climbing V1/V2!!

Sabbath: Spent some quality time outdoors with one of my housemates. Seeking rest in truth is truly a beautiful thing. Note to self to do this more often.

Core Group: My girls are flourishing and it is honestly such a joy to spend time with them. We recently started asking them to bring snacks/lead worship and one of our girls brought INSOMNIA COOKIES! Bless up. I was so happy. As you can tell from this picture, the same girl who brought snacks snapped this pic of me and made me into a snapchat sticker. She puts it in a lot of her snapchat stories and it makes me so happy. ❤

Put down my deposit for Thailand: It’s official! I’m going to Thailand for a month this summer to do mission work, which means I will have to support raise. It’ll be my first time support raising and I’m a little nervous, but mainly excited. Please pray that I would be diligent in sending out my letters and dependent on the Lord during this time. And keep the people of Thailand in your prayers!!

Lastly, here’s a photo of my beautiful mentor at cookout. I thought it was cute that she came after dive deep even though she’s on staff. She rocks.



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