Spring Break 2017: Cincinnati, OH

I visited my sister in Cincinnati, Ohio for my spring break. I explored fun places of Cincinnati and learned that this city is filled with beautiful murals, built on cultures of many different cities, and has very little Asians and to my surprise that fact makes me uncomfortable. When I wasn’t out exploring, I spent my days playing with my sister’s guinea pig and watching a ton of tv (This is Us, The Good Place, Imitation Game, and The Jungle Book).

I also ate SO much yummy food! I kidd you not, the taco’s from Mazunte almost made me miss my flight back home because we went to eat their a second time as my last meal in Cincinnati.   *Spoiler alert* I made it just as my flight was lining up to board.

* not pictured: Graeter’s ice cream (mocha chip, coconut chip, and black raspberry chip), homemade indian food w/Naan and Samosas, Pho from Pho Lang Tang, and Baklava w/o nuts because the real stuff had walnuts in them and I’m allergic to walnuts.

Cincinnati, Ohio was quite the change from the Atlanta Dream Center, which is where I had spent my previous two spring break trips. It wasn’t a formal missions trip, but in some ways it facilitated as one. I stayed in a place that was spiritually dry and needed a revival, yet it disguised itself as my sister’s bougie studio apartment. The company was unreceptive to the Gospel and it was definitely hard to bring it into conversation, harder than it was to share with strangers in ATL. Yet, it was a great time to build a stronger relationship with my sister because ever since coming to Christ,  we’ve drifted apart. I definitely don’t share as much about my life as I used to and neither does she. And her being in residency and me being in college plays a factor, but time isn’t the issue.

The real issue is prioritization. I’m not prioritizing my family. And to be honest, I’m not sure if I want to. Saying that is scary because I know it’s not bad to prioritize certain people during certain seasons, but to not want to without any timeline as to when that might change is not from the Lord. Praying that God would change my heart on this matter because I am not capable of changing it myself.

The next time I’ll see my sister will be in May right after my courses end because I don’t have any finals until the 11th and my sister has V limited vacation time. We bought tickets to go to Munich, Germany for a week and I’m so pumped. It’s also possible that we’ll travel a little bit after my final because she’ll be driving back to Cincinnati from VA. Possible road trip? TBD. I’m also thinking about visiting her in September the weekend after my 21st birthday because that’ll be when Cincinnati holds their annual Oktoberfest, which is apparently the largest Oktoberfest celebration in the United States. My brother will also be in town, so that should be fun. *insert wry smile* TBH I’ll probably be the one taking care of them. And for anyone who doesn’t know me, I’m waiting to drink until I’m 21 and I have the soul of about a 60 yr old grandma so no need to worry about me getting too crazy. I’ll most likely be standing off to the side eating a pretzel the size of my head. Yum.


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