Why Thailand?

As I was sharing to a friend about about why I am going to Thailand this summer for missions, I thought a blog post would be a more organized way to share God’s faithfulness.

Spring 2015 (1st year) 

A missionary came to mnl and asked for people to stand if they were ready to give everything up for Jesus. He was referring to international missions and I was immediately taken aback. What about the lost people in America? Are the lost oversees more important than the lost here? What if I had brought a nonbeliever to this kind of message? Needless to say, I did not respond well. That week I met up with my mentor, at the time, and she explained that while there are lost people in the states there is a great need for missionaries abroad. And she challenged me to start caring for the lost abroad by asking God to place a specific location on my heart.

So I did. 

At the end of my first year, I heard a fourth year was going to serve in Indonesia for a year and was immediately drawn to South East Asia. We hadn’t gone to Indonesia that year for spring break, so I didn’t even know that that area was an option to serve.

Summer 2015

I continued to pray for South East Asia and for God to reveal a specific location, which led me to Thailand. I was drawn to it almost immediately when I read on the Chi Alpha website a new campus ministry was being planted.

Fall 2015 (2nd year)

Going into my second year, I had an idea that at some point and time I would serve in Thailand. It was a vague idea though because I didn’t know any missionaries who were currently serving there or their contact info. So I continued to pray and wait.

Winter 2016

In this season, some doubt crept in of maybe I was wrong about God leading me to Thailand. I also started to doubt if I would be any good since the core group I was leading was slow to bear fruit, but God once again showed His face to me. I didn’t go to my fellowship’s winter retreat because none of the girls in my core group wanted to go and as a result I was able to go to another fellowship’s free conference, which hosted an Asian-American medical missionary from Thailand. I was stunned because this was my first encounter with a medical missionary and for him to also be Asian-American AND serving in Thailand was such an encouragement. I got to hear him talk about the people of Thailand and ask question about what it’s like to serve there. I also got his contact info. This furthered my desire to go.

Spring 2016

I went to Atlanta again for my spring break missions trip with Chi Alpha. There I met a VT student who prayed over me as I prayed over a homeless man. We talked afterwards and she asked if I was interested in doing ministry after I graduated. I said I was praying about serving in Thailand. She responded with “Oh, I went to Thailand last spring break with VT Chi Alpha and it was amazing. I knew there was a reason behind me praying for you.” I didn’t know how to respond. God had once again placed another random person to affirm me in going to Thailand.

Summer 2016/Fall 2016 (3rd year)

I got in contact with missionaries who were currently serving in Thailand through a graduated nursing student who had lived in the house I am currently living in and asked about opportunities to serve the summer after my third year. I kept in contact with them, but by late fall I started to get the sense to wait to commit until after World Missions Summit where I would meet hundreds of missionaries from around the world.

Winter 2017

At World Missions Summit, I met three missionaries from Thailand before connecting with K who was also serving in Thailand. The second he introduced himself and before he even explained the type of ministry he was involved in, an overwhelming sense of urgency and emotion filled me. This is who I was supposed to work with this summer. I got in contact with K’s supervisor A and talked to A about serving with them in Thailand this summer. And A said, “That would be awesome. We actually have a VT team coming to serve with us for a month in June this summer and you could come work with them too.” What are the odds? I never got the girl’s name who prayed over me at Atlanta or the contact info of the missionary she worked with, yet God led me EXACT person she referenced. I am now going with the VT team to Thailand this summer to serve with A and K.

Spring 2017

Which brings me to today. I’ve reached my first checkpoint (a week in advance!) for support raising and I am in awe of the generosity of God’s people and God’s FAITHFULNESS. He continues to affirm this is what I am supposed to do this summer and that he has a plan to use me in this season.

Long story short, I serve a God who is worthy to be praised and I’ve been called to share this to people who don’t know Him yet. And that is why I am going to Thailand this summer to do missions.


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