March 2017 Wrap Up

I kicked off March with Spring Break 2017: Cincinnati, OH and great convos with great people about missions.

Bhangra night: It was my first experience seeing classical Indian dance. The food was delicious and it was so much fun to watch people dance! I went with two of my housemates.

Brunch at Cafe Caturra: I had a friend date with one of my housemates and past co-leaders. The food was pretty good, but I’m in no rush to go back to try something else on the menu. The atmosphere was cozy and nice though. It was the perfect spot to have real talk and share common struggles of being soon-to-be fourth years.

La La Land: My school was showing it for free one weekend, so I stopped by to watch. I left pretty disappointed. It was not worth the hype. The soundtrack was 10/10, but the plot was pretty bland. The lack of diversity in the main cast for a movie about Jazz bothered me… And why was Ryan Gosling explaining the history of jazz? Not cool.

India Day: ISA hosted their annual culture show and half of my house went to watch. The dancing was AMAZING! I had no idea there was so much talent at UVA. The show was also very well organized and time efficient It was so fun to be exposed to Indian culture for a day. The free dinner was also a plus.

Charlottesville Symphony Concert: After India Day, I went to the Charlottesville Symphony Concert. I was one of maybe 5 undergrads in Old Cabell Hall. The rest were 50+ year old seniors. The orchestra was great, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the setlist. It was Tchaikovsky and I prefer more of Debussy’s style of music. Nevertheless, the crowd seemed to really enjoy it! They gave a standing ovation to 3/3 songs. I left during intermission, but I’m guessing they also gave the last song a standing ovation.

Downtown Pie date: I had a pie date with one of my housemates (no new friends) downtown. We were originally going to go to Paradox Pastry, but it was closed… on a Sunday! It turned out to be a blessing though because we got to check out a cute little pie shop called The Pie Chest. I got a vegetable pot pie while my housemate got a dark chocolate mouse pie (YUM!). They were both so so good and I will be coming back for more.

Sherry coming to cg: My friend who I met through Veritas is a nursing 2nd year PhD student who’s interested in experiencing the presence of God. How awesome is that?! She’s come to MNL a couple of times, but came to CG for the first time this month. I made dinner at my house beforehand, so we could walk over together to CG, and she brought a chocolate silk pie! My house and I ate some before I could get a proper picture, but it was delicious. She also really enjoyed cg and said she wants to learn about who Jesus is. We’ll be reading the book of Matthew together!!! It was a great night for her to come. I spearheaded this weeks study and the girls in our core group talked about their experiences with God and how they recognize Christ has changed their lives. As a result, that’s why we desire to invite others to experience His love and be saved.

Met my Thailand team over Skype: After CG, I met my Thailand team for the first time over Skype. They’re wonderful and I love them already. We went through a couple of logistics, but it was a relatively short meeting. AND PRAISE GOD!! I’ve support raised the amount for my first deadline. I am blown away by the body of Christ’s generosity and the amount that working people give. It was such an encouragement as I continue to pray through support raising and give-a-year.

Joining climbing team: I went climbing with UVA’s climbing team and had a blast. The people were wonderful and supportive. It was also nice to travel outside of Cville. We went to Rise Up in Lynchburg but the week before I went with Outdoors club and saw them at PEAK in Richmond. I can’t wait to get more involved and get to know more people in the club. It’s a small group of peeps, but a good group.


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