April 2017 Wrap Up

April=the last real month of school. It’s crazy to think how fast this semester has gone by. I am now a rising fourth year! Where did the time go? April was full of growth, surprises, and bittersweet transitions.

Elected Chi Alpha VP: My fellowship had elections for the new exec and I was nominated. My dear friend and role model, who was the previous VP of Chi Alpha, spoke upon my behalf. By God’s grace, I was elected as VP of UVA XA for the 2017-2018 school year along with a FEMALE President! I am so excited to serve in this new capacity and be a bridge between staff and students.

One of my current housemates got engaged: She’s a year older than me but graduated a semester early. It’s crazy to see people I am close to get engaged, but super exciting nonetheless! We celebrated as a house at Mellow Mushroom.

One of my old housemates got engaged: My old housemate/house mom got engaged at Brooklyn Bridge and I couldn’t be happier for her. I know both parties because her now fiancé was our neighbor. He’s a great guy. 10 out of 10 would recommend. Their relationship is so beautiful not because they’re perfect, but because they both pursue the Lord in their relationship which allows them to extend grace to one another and communicate when things are wrong.

Nursing Networking: I went to my first networking event and it was so stressful. Ugh. It was at the Dean of Nursing’s pavilion and I got to meet the nurse manager of the UVA Hospital NICU. I enjoyed talking to her, but it was so painfully awkward trying to sell myself. I hope this gets easier. I got her contact info and sent a follow-up email afterwards though because I’d love to work in the NICU some time after graduation.

Baptisms and Brazos: 2 of the girls in my core group got baptized!!!!

3.2 for 3.2: I ran the 3.2 mile (not Kilometer) run with one of my housemates and got to visit her hometown. It was my first time visiting VT and I get why people love it. VT is much prettier in person and has great open spaces. The community of Blacksburg was also a beautiful sight to see. It came together for the 10 year anniversary of the event and provided support for the participants. After running, my housemate and I showered/changed and ate lunch at Macados. The food was so yummy. We low-key put ourselves in danger when we drove back to cville though because could barely keep our eyes open. Thank you Jesus for taking the wheel.

New House Hangout: The Arrow 2017-2018 had our first house hangout where we painted canvases for our bedroom doors. I am so excited to live with all of them next year!

Picnic with an old suite mate: I ran into my old suite mate from first year three times in the same week. I’ve been meaning to grab lunch with her to see how she was doing. It was so great to talk to her about summer plans, comm school, and wanting more in life. She asked a lot of questions about Christianity and I was able to share a bit of my testimony. She thought I had been a Christian my whole life when in reality I was saved in college. It was cool to dispel those preconceived notions and share what it’s been like to walk in faith. Definitely keep her in your prayers! God’s doing some crazy stuff in her life.

Last one-on-ones: The girls I met up with this year are all so different, yet all so wonderful! I finished up our last formal meet-ups of the school year and cast a vision for what the next year will look like. I learned so much about God and myself from our meet ups and I can’t wait to lead the same group of girls next year as a 2nd year core group leader! My core group will merge with one of my good friends, who was in my first year core group!! AHHH SO EXCITED FOR WHAT’S TO COME.

Climbing Outside: I went to Elizabeth Furnace for the first time and got wrecked. Loved climbing outdoors again though. The weather was absolutely perfect. ❤

Last CG, MNL, and Semiformal of the year! : All the feels. Read more about it in the previous blog post!


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