Naples, Florida (May 13-18)

Food, fun and friends!

I left Charlottesville the day after my last final, for beach week in Naples, Florida with two of my closest friends. It was a spontaneous decision I made right after coming back from Munich and I know probably not the smartest decision, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

It was a week full of good food,

Oatmeal and apples for breakfast, pizza, fish tacos, soup/salad, and thai chicken curry for lunch/dinner, and ice-cream for dessert. Tasty icecream combinations included: black raspberry, coffee with chocolate covered espresso beans, toasted coconut, blueberry cobbler, and vanilla oreo with brownie bites. YUM!

fun and restful days,

We went to Tin City, chilled at the pool, lied out on the beach, played put-put golf, saw the sunset while we ate cheesecake, had late night talks, started a mini bookclub (Angelfall by Susan EE), and took pics on the pier.

and friends who make me laugh!

From the unexpected start of our adventure to making it out of DC alive, traveling with these two was so much fun. It was a blessing to spend time together and reflect back on first year core group, this year, and what’s to come.

Other highlights included: Talking to my friend Kellie about her wedding AND being surprised by my core group girls who facetimed me while at SICM! I just love them so much.


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