May 2017 Wrap Up

I know it’s July and May was 2 months ago, but here’s my very late May 2017 wrap up! May was a time for a lot of travel and the end of my 3rd year of college.

Munich, Germany (May 2-9): I traveled to Germany with my sister the week before my finals and it was SO worth it.

Naples, Florida (May 13-18): Flew down to Florida with two of my closest friends for a week in the sun.

Completed my third year of nursing! Bring it on fourth year. I’m ready for you!

Graduation: I didn’t get to go to the ceremony because I was working, but it felt like the end of an era. My first year core group leaders all graduated and I couldn’t be more proud or thankful. I had the rare pleasure of being with them for 3 years and will even be able to stay in touch with one of them in cville for my fourth year. God is so kind. I know that this means I am the oldest though and it’s time to step into that role. It’s exciting and scary, but God has affirmed me throughout third year of this change and I’m ready to go in head first.

Prepared for Thailand: Up until June 1st, I worked at the hospital to earn some more money for the trip. And by the grace of God, I reached my budget through people who supported me. So so cool to see God move through finances.


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