July 2017 Wrap Up

Thank you for being good to me, July! I had a blast this past month. I was worried about transitioning back to the States, but so far so good!

Seattle:  I got to spend a week with one of my best friends in the beautiful city of Seattle! The weather was perfect and the sun set at 10pm! AMAZING.

Life-giving talks: After coming back from Thailand, I got to reconnect with so many beloved friends. Thank you Debbie, Grace, Katie, Jay, Faith, Maddie, and Katherine for doing life with me.

Summer XA: I went to NOVA Summer XA for the first time this summer and it felt good to be back. Lots of feelings of nostalgia over how this was how I first got involved with Chi Alpha.

Having a car in Cville: I drove down to Charlottesville for the first time by myself and it felt good. Love love love having a car in Cville and the freedom to go anywhere I want.

Fly Dog Yoga (Aerial, Barre, Heated Vinyasa, Power Yoga): I’m doing 30 days for $30 at a local fitness center and I am LOVING it. I am seeing so much improvement in my yoga practice, flexibility, and overall strength. It also gives me something to do in the midst of working at the hospital.

Core Group Reunion: I met up with my co-leader one last time before she left for Atlanta, GA for graduate school. It was a bittersweet last picnic on the lawn, but I have a feeling this isn’t goodbye. I am so thankful for this WOG’s friendship and her steadfastness. And I look forward to our email chain! I also got to eat icecream with Katie and Jay after summer XA and catch up on how they were doing. I love these girls so so much. Lastly, I got to see Faith and Katie in Cville and we talked over lunch at my place. Man am I blessed by God’s goodness.

Contacting first years: Even though I’m not leading first years, I’m still reaching out to 8 specific girls. And I got to meet up with one of them! Walking into Ohill, I felt the weight of how old I am. I am a 4th year… and everyone looks so young! Wow. I got to share some mediocre wise words of wisdom and just felt at peace knowing that God was over our entire conversation.

Rockytop: I got to go rockclimbing with my housemate Katie and it was awesome. I love rockclimbing and it had been way way too long since I had last gone. It was also a great time getting to know one another and have some real talk.

1st Bodos ticket: My housemate Katie and I woke up early to get the first bodos ticket!! It’s on the 118 things to do before I graduate, so I thought might as well knock it out before all the students come back into town.

Working at the Hospital: I’m back at UVA hospital working as a Patient Companion and God is truly using me here. I pray every time before going into work that God would give me a kind patient and create an opportunity to share the hope that He promises and every time He has answered my prayers! I hope the peace that transcends all understanding is conveyed in the way that I carry myself.

Trying out new recipes: I follow a mainly plant-based diet and I’ve been testing out some new recipes. This month I made ramen from scratch because I was craving it so so badly. I followed this recipe and it completely satisfied my craving. I’m excited to try out more recipes! Next up is vegan tumeric mac and cheese with green peas. YUM!

Lastly, PSA the Ben and Jerry’s coffee caramel fudge non-dairy icecream is a GAMECHANGER. It is so addicting and tastes just like the real stuff, but without the upset stomach or bad breath/aftertaste milk gives you. Everyone has to go and try it out. It also reminds of of the Turkey Hill Double Dunker icecream, which is one of my absolute favorites. SO glad to have found an alternate to it.


June 2017 Wrap Up


This is a very redundant post because I was in Thailand for the entire month of June and wrote an entire post about it here!

I just couldn’t post my July 2017 wrap up knowing that I had “skipped” my June 2017 wrap up. I know I know. I am extra.