Luke 14: 25-33

I pray that Jesus would lead specific people to read this post.

The cost of following Jesus is real and it is heavy. It’s only October and it feels like I’ve been a fourth year for much longer. The weight and authority I carry as a representative of Christ has got me feeling worn down. I struggle with being vulnerable and allowing people to know what’s going on and lately it’s been so hard to verbalize why I’ve been feeling this way. It’s as if I don’t trust even my closest friends to be able to bear my burdens because I know just how heavy it can be to bear theirs. I’ve been feeling this way for the past couple of weeks and I think today was just the breaking point. ” Continue Reading ->


September 2017 Wrap Up

Rochestor- I was able to fly up to NY to visit my high school friend over fall break. It was a short trip, but so much fun to meet her college friends and get ~lit~. I also got to meet my twin in person and she was awesome. Anya and I visited the grand canyon of the east, celebrated our 10 year anniversary as friends with unintentional frose, and I bought a case of strawberries for $2. AND I had some of the best chicken and waffles and pork belly buns ever. Love adventuring with this friend.

First Friday- Chi alpha hosted this fun event of trivia and swing dancing. Not too many of the girls in my cg came, but it was nice to talk to the ones who did come one on one and connecting with them. I also swing danced with a friend, which was nice.

Theological Horizon’s Retreat- I went away for a 24 hour retreat for a fellows program I am in and I got to meet a lot of new people from different fellowships. We shared our testimonies and learned about the history of Corhaven as well as a calling centered on Christ. I am the only minority, so I am interested in how the rest of the year will look like with this group. I feel very privileged to be able to discuss callings and ponder theological questions in my free time.

Women in the Church talk- The fellows had an interesting discussion on women and the church and it was nice to clarify what men’s role is in the situation and in a lot of the commands it says “wife” not “woman”, so a call to a certain role is designated to a specific one on one relationship not to all of mankind. And men can do their part in ending the stigma of women in the church by volunteering in kids space. It makes a difference for young boys to see men serving in this capacity as well.

VISAS- I joined a program that meets up with international students to practice English with. I have two partners and it’s been good so far.

Fall Retreat- I had my last fall retreat and the speaker was Shawn Gaylen from Granada, Spain. He and his wife were fantastic. Lawrence and Michael also skype called in and gave great advice to give a years. “If you’re only 10% thinking about give a year, feed the 10% and see what happens.” I loved it. My core group also got closer to the brother core group and for a lot of them it was their first fall retreat, so a lot of new faces came. It was a great opportunity to get to know the newcomers.

Charlottesville Concert for a Cause: Charlottesville hosted a free concert for the community with Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams, Ariana Grande, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, and COLDPLAY. It was so so good and it still feels like it was a dream. They had it in the football stadium.

21st Birthday- It was lit! My best friend organized a trip to King Family Vineyards and it was so much fun. It’s been forever since we all hung out as one big group and I am so thankful to be loved by such amazing people. The weather was also perfect. Another housemate also surprised me with flowers, dairy free ice-cream, and balloons to celebrate me at midnight. My two co-leaders also got me a new bible with my name engraved on it and my core group baked goodies for me. AND a missionary I worked with in Thailand mailed me slippers with bunnies on them. I was so well loved.

John Shin’s Bday Party- Sigma cool hosted a 21+ party and it was a great time to be alive. We ended up going to the corner and eventually streaking by the end of the night (scandalous). On record, I’d like to say I was 100% sober and in the best shape of my life (so far).