Moe’s BBQ, White Spot, Milli Coffee Roasters, Egg Nog Milkshake at Cookout, Riverside Lunch

There are some amazing food places in Charlottesville and I want to experience as much of it as possible in my last year here!

Moe’s BBQ: I went here with one of the girls in my core group and we split a pork platter with mashed potatoes, pickled slaw, corn bread, and banana bread pudding. The cook gave us the last serving of mash potatoes for free, so that was super exciting. It had a rustic wooden lodge kind of feel inside with a bunch of TVs surrounding the tables so you could watch the latest hockey game. The food was super good, but a little salty for my taste. I don’t really add salt into my food though, so it’ll probably be fine for normal people. The banana bread pudding was for sure my favorite.

White Spot: I last minute went to the nursing date function at Boylen and it was surprisingly a lot of fun. I got to dance with my fellow fourth years and since nursing is almost all girls it just felt like a girls night out. We went to White Spot afterwards and I got a Gus burger because that’s one of the 118 things to do before I graduate. It was pretty tasty, but it was also kinda late at night so take that into consideration.

Milli Coffee: This is probably my favorite coffee shop so far in Charlottesville. It has a great atmosphere and they always draw a cute little figure into my lattes. I’ve dried their latte, hot chocolate and drip coffee. I would recommend the first two over their drip coffee.

Cookout: I FINALLY got my hands on the specialty item that is only sold in December… Cookout’s egg nog milkshake. One of my housemates kindly got it for me when I was finishing up my 8 page paper on Sufism. That was quite the night. I must’ve slept in everyone else’s bed except my own. It tasted good, but I was underwhelmed by the subtle eggnog taste. If you’re a fan of cookout though you have to get it along with their summer watermelon flavor!

Riverside Lunch: This place is truly a hidden treasure. It has your classic diner food and the vibe to match it. Not a lot of college students know about it, so it is a legit townie place to go. They even had carrot cake! I went with my core group family before semiformal and it was a hit.


November 2017 Wrap Up


November was an emotional month for me. At the beginning and middle, it was filled with a lot of highs and celebrations but towards the end I was met with challenges and things I hadn’t addressed in a long time or even at all.

Kellie and Doug’s Wedding: It was beautiful and I wrote an entire separate blog post on it.

Nursing Pinning Ceremony: My last pinning ceremony was on the same day as Kellie’s wedding, so I drove down to cville with my parents went to the ceremony and drove straight back to the wedding. It was wild, but God came in clutch with limited traffic.

Spring Break Trip Sign Ups: Every year my fellowship has sign ups for spring break trips. They are early in the morning, people wait in line for two hours beforehand, and it gets a little crazy. I had only been in this line my first year since someone stood in line for me my second year and I went to Cinncinati to visit my sister my third year. And since my first year, it has gotten even more intense. A lot of people wanted to go international this year and with limited spots tension was at an all time high. No one knows where the line is going to start beforehand so we were all waiting anxiously. I prayed God would give me peace over whatever outcome going into it though and by God’s grace I somehow ended up at the front of the line for international trips. I didn’t have to push anyone or fight my way to the front I was just in the right place at the right time… and I am excited to say I will be going to North Africa for Spring break.

Ichthus Friendsgiving/UDC show: Fourth years had a potluck friendsgiving and it was nice to be able to share a meal with my class. I also got to see one of my best friends dance on stage for the first time. She killed it.

Dive Deep: One of my best friends and fellow core group member my first year got baptized!! It was such a joyous occasion.

Nugs and Kpop: My little sister in the fellowship had her 21st birthday and it was nugget themed. 10/10 would recommend. We also became co-managers of a kpop group as well and took a picture of a lot of the Koreans in the fellowship. I had never felt more proud of being Korean in my life. It was so surreal to see how diverse the fellowship had become since coming in my first year.

Hayley’s Birthday: My best friend turned 22! And we celebrated with banana bread, red wine, flowers, posters, and getting rid of all of the Christmas decorations in the house because she doesn’t like having stuff up before thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving: My whole immediate family came together and as usual my brother made most of the food. I talked about giving-a-year and they were surprisingly receptive to it. My brother even said the place I was leaning towards in the middle easy might be safer than where I am going for spring break which is where my sister preferred me to go. I guess I will find out soon enough though.

Balayage: I got my hair dyed for the first time over thanksgiving break and it turned out amazing! I am so happy with the way it looks and am so glad I just went for it. It’s just hair, and now I can wear black clothes.

Talking about race: Race came up a lot in my conversations this past month and I’ve started to piece together how it affects the way I interact with people as well as how I perceive romantic relationships. Spoiler: It impacts it negatively.

LOTL: I went to my last LOTL with my core group family and it was as magical as it was every year. The music wasn’t the best, but the light show was for sure the most intricate of them all. I am glad I got to see it in person one last time.

Kellie and Doug’s Wedding

November 4th, 2017

My love for Kellie (and Doug) started with a movement. #Everyoneknowkellie2k15. I lived with Kellie my second year in a house where I knew virtually no one. How did I end up there? I wanted to live in Christian housing and her house was indeed a Christian house. She was a fourth year at the time and welcomed me in with open arms, but not literally because she’s doesn’t like physical touch. She intentionally got to know me, hung out with me, and just did life with me. Now being a fourth year I realize how valuable that truly was. She already had friends, a boyfriend, and a crazy impressive academic background. In her last year, she invested in me though and I could not be more grateful for her friendship. And to this day, we still have monthly phone calls and I am encouraged by how she has planted herself in a new city with a growing church community.

That being said, as much as I love Kellie, I can say with full confidence that Doug is worthy of being Kellie’s husband. He is the most driven, patient, understanding, Jesus loving, and all around great human being. I am also just constantly amazed by his time management! Doug lived in the other half of our house’s duplex unit, so I got to see how Kellie and him interacted up close in their relationship. From the very beginning to seeing them get married, it’s been an honor and joy. I found healing in watching their relationship up close and came to the realization that “this is what God intended a healthy relationship to look like… and on some level I want that too.” To be partner’s in Christ and to have Him be at the center of the relationship is so cool.

Their rehearsal dinner beforehand was so good! Soup du Jour, Salad Maison, Filet Mignon, and Creme Brûlée. #Blessed. At their wedding, I got to read Romans 8:38-39 and I cried seeing Kellie walk down the aisle. She looked so beautiful and majestic and just a total WOG in her vintage beaded dress. It was a medium sized wedding and I knew a lot of the faces there, which was nice. I also got to meet her NYC friends who I had only heard about through our phone calls. I sat with my old housemates and danced the night away with them. Side note: I came to the realization that an open bar is a really good investment for a wedding or else there will be an excess of awkwardness on the dance floor. Also, peach sangria is really tasty.

On that note, cheers to Kellie and Doug Chan. I pray that the Lord would bless your marriage and continue to be at the center of your relationship.

October 2017 Wrap Up

I am so behind on these wrap ups, but that is ok!

Hound Ears: I went to my first outdoor climbing competition with the climbing team and it was AMAZING. It was in NC and super chill. The weather was perfect. There was a broad range of skill sets and SO many problems to try out (and fail). I also got free chalk and a t-shirt! Def something I will do in the future because it was just so much fun.

Chiles Pumpkin Patch: My core group went to Chile’s peach orchard and we all dressed up in flannel and took cute pictures together. It was v fall v basic, but nonetheless so much fun. We talked about scholarship, being Korea (a common theme in my conversations these days) and our time in high school.

Homecoming: WOO WOO. UVA had their last homecoming football game and surprise surprise we lost (sad). I got to grab pancakes, fruit, and apple cider donuts beforehand on the lawn though. In addition, the school of nursing hosted an even at Pav 9. I felt super fancy because there were little cakes and pastries as well as an open bar. Update: still feels weird to be able to drink alcohol. Also, I got my annual funnel cake at the football game and got to grab dinner with my co-leader, who graduated last year, Katherine and my old core group. It was so great to catch up with her and hear how she’s doing. Moving to a new state for grad school, away from all of her friends, I have much respect for this WOG.

UVA Job Recruitment: I went to my first job fair at the Omni hotel for UVA hospital and it was SUPER nice. They gave away an iPad mini, fitbit, and a bunch of gift cards  in a free raffle. The school of nursing is crazy y’all. It was a great experience though because the room was filled with familiar faces (aka my nursing class). I got to meet representatives of different units at UVA hospital and talk about the things they value on their units. It was super exciting, but my heart felt distracted because I knew this wasn’t what was in store for me next year.

Dinner with Dick Brogden: Before MNL, a group of fourth years thinking about giving-a-year in the middle east got to eat dinner with Dick Brogden, a worker in the middle east. He answered a lot of our questions and concerns as well as gave us in depth overview of what are time in each country would look like. Out of the four places. I found myself drawn to the training team with the best language center and structured program. This thought was encouraged when I found out there would also be two nurses working there in the country and serving. I will be going to North Africa over spring break though, so I am keeping my mind/heart open to whatever God has planned.

Hoedown: Got lost trying to get to the location. Safely made it to the location. Pleasantly surprised it wasn’t freezing. Surprised by so many new faces!!!

House Photoshoot: We had out house photoshoot at 7:30 AM the day after Hoedown. We were all a little shambly, but the lighting was perfect and the picture turned out SO good. Who knew this house would be such a blessing in my life?

Qasim/Sherry/Angel: Sherry and Angel are two international students in the school of nursing whom I have been praying for and just recently they both told me they were thinking about getting baptized in the spring!!! PRAISE BE TO GOD. He is so faithful. And Qasim is a friend in my Sufi Islam class who willingly met up with me to talk about his faith in Islam as well as his hometown in Pakistan. Honestly, he is just a 10/10 human being and even though I was low-key stressed about our conversation it was so informative to hear his thoughts. I pray that I would be able to meet up with him even after this semester ends.

Walk for the World: My fellowship raised over $10,000 for a couple who works in Spain.