October 2017 Wrap Up

I am so behind on these wrap ups, but that is ok!

Hound Ears: I went to my first outdoor climbing competition with the climbing team and it was AMAZING. It was in NC and super chill. The weather was perfect. There was a broad range of skill sets and SO many problems to try out (and fail). I also got free chalk and a t-shirt! Def something I will do in the future because it was just so much fun.

Chiles Pumpkin Patch: My core group went to Chile’s peach orchard and we all dressed up in flannel and took cute pictures together. It was v fall v basic, but nonetheless so much fun. We talked about scholarship, being Korea (a common theme in my conversations these days) and our time in high school.

Homecoming: WOO WOO. UVA had their last homecoming football game and surprise surprise we lost (sad). I got to grab pancakes, fruit, and apple cider donuts beforehand on the lawn though. In addition, the school of nursing hosted an even at Pav 9. I felt super fancy because there were little cakes and pastries as well as an open bar. Update: still feels weird to be able to drink alcohol. Also, I got my annual funnel cake at the football game and got to grab dinner with my co-leader, who graduated last year, Katherine and my old core group. It was so great to catch up with her and hear how she’s doing. Moving to a new state for grad school, away from all of her friends, I have much respect for this WOG.

UVA Job Recruitment: I went to my first job fair at the Omni hotel for UVA hospital and it was SUPER nice. They gave away an iPad mini, fitbit, and a bunch of gift cards  in a free raffle. The school of nursing is crazy y’all. It was a great experience though because the room was filled with familiar faces (aka my nursing class). I got to meet representatives of different units at UVA hospital and talk about the things they value on their units. It was super exciting, but my heart felt distracted because I knew this wasn’t what was in store for me next year.

Dinner with Dick Brogden: Before MNL, a group of fourth years thinking about giving-a-year in the middle east got to eat dinner with Dick Brogden, a worker in the middle east. He answered a lot of our questions and concerns as well as gave us in depth overview of what are time in each country would look like. Out of the four places. I found myself drawn to the training team with the best language center and structured program. This thought was encouraged when I found out there would also be two nurses working there in the country and serving. I will be going to North Africa over spring break though, so I am keeping my mind/heart open to whatever God has planned.

Hoedown: Got lost trying to get to the location. Safely made it to the location. Pleasantly surprised it wasn’t freezing. Surprised by so many new faces!!!

House Photoshoot: We had out house photoshoot at 7:30 AM the day after Hoedown. We were all a little shambly, but the lighting was perfect and the picture turned out SO good. Who knew this house would be such a blessing in my life?

Qasim/Sherry/Angel: Sherry and Angel are two international students in the school of nursing whom I have been praying for and just recently they both told me they were thinking about getting baptized in the spring!!! PRAISE BE TO GOD. He is so faithful. And Qasim is a friend in my Sufi Islam class who willingly met up with me to talk about his faith in Islam as well as his hometown in Pakistan. Honestly, he is just a 10/10 human being and even though I was low-key stressed about our conversation it was so informative to hear his thoughts. I pray that I would be able to meet up with him even after this semester ends.

Walk for the World: My fellowship raised over $10,000 for a couple who works in Spain.


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